Your Sustainable Energy Partner

Drillco partners with clients to find the best solution.  Since 2019 we have been investing in training and cutting edge technology that brings speed, efficiency and innovation to our customers.  We believe in providing long term sustainable energy solutions that meet your needs. Drillco is very different to other sub-contractors.  We partner with you and work alongside to make your project a success.  We are involved in a wide range of sustainable energy solutions, from Wind Farms to EV charging stations to Solar Farms.
  • Early engagement – Don’t leave it too late.  We work with your team on the planning & preparation.  Our experience provides the most efficient timeline & costs.  In a recent project we have come up with a solution that saves the customer millions in capital costs
  • Project Management – Our collaboration model guarantees a successful project.  On time and on budget
  • Excavation – our large fleet, incorporating the most efficient technology ensures high quality on time project.  We don’t compromise on quality
  • Reticulation cable – Our innovative equipment ensures there is no tension on the reticulation cable during installation, speed and quality are at the forefront of our approach
  • Installation equipment – Drillco incorporates specialised machinery and world class people that ensures the best delivery timeline on the market.  This means you can generate earlier
  • Drillco offers a highly specialised Solar Farm installation solution.  This team is capable of delivering your project in record time.  When others take months, Drillco takes days or weeks.  Generate earlier for improved cashflow