Drillco brings this exciting new service to the market.


Over time pipes fail.  They crack, leak and can develop environmental issues under driveways, footpaths and buildings. Cracked pipes can contaminate the ground and leaking water can develop into a tomo that can become a serious health and safety event. Until now solutions to solve this problem have been either expensive or have a short life span. 


Drillco’s “TPR” allows us to deliver a brand-new pipe inside the failed pipe without disruption of the ground above the pipeline.


•Cost effective (the cheapest solution on the market)
•100% safe and 100% reliable - guaranteed
•Replace any pipe (e.g. Sewer / Water / Gas / Stormwater)
•Low mess with only two small holes either end of the pipe to be replaced

This is proven technology and has been used in Europe and North America since 1980.  In most cases we can even install a larger pipe in the same space if required.


TPR has the following advantages over other pipe installation technologies:

Table 1
Installation Technique   Disadvantages compared to TPR
Pipe re-lining  Shorter lifespan of relined pipe
Excavating / Trenching

 Major disruptions to the area the pipe is to be replaced. Requirement to have access above ground to full length of the pipe to be replaced
Directional Drilling  Requirement to re-route the new pipe at least 1m away from the failed pipe

How does it work?

Drillco threads a drill rod through the failed pipe, then using a specialised tool, cuts/splits the failed pipe and pulls in a new pipe.  The failed pipe is left in the ground and the new pipe sits inside of it.