About Drillco

Drillco is a wholly NZ owned civil construction business with offices in New Plymouth and Palmerston North.  Specialising in Horizontal Directional Drilling and Trenching, Drillco was established to meet the increasing need for reliable underground utility installation services. Our Traffic Worx and Locate IT divisions allow Drillco to offer a full range of services to ensure simplicity on your next project.

Drillco prides itself on having the best equipment to ensure we get the job done to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

Company Culture

At Drillco we understand that we are only as good as our last job, therefore to ensure the highest standard of work, we need the best people. Our investment into our employees begins at the recruitment stage where we work hard to ensure when we are filling a vacancy we have the right fit of skills and culture. We believe every one of our team members brings different strengths, allowing us to draw from a diverse group.

Training and Development

Drillco offers active support and training covering all HT, Class 2-4 Licences, WTR, forklift etc. Employees are trained internally across all competencies where possible, with specific training for Traffic Management up to STMS level. Civil Infrastructure training is provided by ITO Connexis.

Core Values

Environmentally Friendly

Horizontal directional drilling is more protective towards the environment than other methods causing only minimal damage.


Our aim is to build trust with our customers through integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Customer Focused

We are focussed on our customer’s experience when utilising our services and always strive for a high level of customer satisfaction.


We have a strong focus on building an experienced and motivated team to ensure we provide reliable services to our clients.

Specialised Equipment

We invest in the latest technology and equipment and undertake a robust maintenance program to ensure our equipment is always ready for the task.

Cost Effective

Whether we are quoting or submitting an RFP, we will provide you with the most cost effective option to complete your job

Health and Safety

Drillco undertakes an active, consultative commitment to all areas of Health & Safety management and promotes a safety culture that includes engagement from all employees. Our Health & Safety policy outlines our commitment, contact us for a copy.