Drillco 2019 Ltd were awarded the Civil Works (Trenching, laying of twin sets of three 33kV cables with electrical contractor-Obertech Group and reinstatement of work areas) for this 5,600m project described as IR2967 33kV Linton 1&2 Civil Installation, continues the construction by Powerco of two new sub-transmission circuits from the Linton GXP through Massey University Farms linking into the city to supply the new Ferguson street substation. Drillco commenced activity for this four month project on 10 November 2020 hindered immediately by unprecedented and continued inclement weather. The committed Drillco team worked closely with all stakeholders, being especially mindful to accomodate ongoing farming activities. The Drillco Horizontal Directional Drilling team successfully installed duct to enable cable installation, under both Old West Road (SH57) and the busy Tennants Drive road corridors.